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Admin Note

So. Updates have been sparse of late. Why? Because my lovely, less-than-a-year-old Vaio laptop decided to kick the bucket this week.

And it has been a painful death, taking ten days to slowly crash and burn. So while I am trying to get the hard drive fixed or replaced (and recover whatever files I can-please, iTunes, pleaaassssseeee) I have to update this blog via my blackberry.

That, if you don’t know, is highly frustrating. So I’ll post some smallish things, but until my computer is computing again, I won’t be able to go on my more detailed rants.

Much love (and Viva Wisconsin!)




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BLUNT Vid: Good Night, and Good Luck, Keith Olbermann!

A great tribute by Laffy at TPC, featuring some work by yours truly.


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Just an administrative note.

It’s finals week. Luckily, I’m home and have only an online exam on the tenth, so I’ll be tweeting and updating like a mad woman again soon.



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