Aloha! Shalom! Hola! Hallo!

Snarkadelia, the site at which you currently are located, is a blog. A bloggish blog dealing with things that make me snarky. And what are those things? Well, they belong under the large umbrella topic of stupid people. Stupid people have a tendency to say and do stupid shit, and that type of shit deserves to be placed on a pedestal. A shit-laden, facepalmin’ pedestal.

And that’s what Snarkadelia is here for! But naturally, there are the select few who actually say intelligent things. And I like intelligent things almost as much as Italian food, which I like a lot.

As I become more and more aware of my passion for independent media, I realize that so many people aren’t even aware of the reason why indie media is SO VITAL to our democracy. And I’m also beginning to find my stride as a blogger. I’ve been asking myself this lately: What is my objective with Snarkadelia? Why am I writing? Who am I trying to reach?

I’m snarky. I’m a satirist but also a journalist and an activist. And I’m starting to realize that satire and journalism aren’t mutually exclusive. Some people say that what Jon Stewart and his correspondents do is journalism. Or, at least it is in comparison to what most personalities on cable news do.

Someday, I’ll be living in a cockroach-and-rat-infested, dank and clunky apartment with a dog, geeking it up over my laptop in baggy jeans, mismatching socks (because that’s what happens when you wash them!) and sweatshop-free tee shirt. But for right now, I’ll continue to publish stories that I think aren’t getting enough media attention, and I will also stay snarky. Journalism shouldn’t just be SRS BIZNS. It should be enlightening, educating and engaging. And there’s no law that says those qualities can’t be fun.

Think of this blog as cultural potpourri. Just don’t put it in your panty drawer.

Much love,

Cate Regan



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