Admin Note

So. Updates have been sparse of late. Why? Because my lovely, less-than-a-year-old Vaio laptop decided to kick the bucket this week.

And it has been a painful death, taking ten days to slowly crash and burn. So while I am trying to get the hard drive fixed or replaced (and recover whatever files I can-please, iTunes, pleaaassssseeee) I have to update this blog via my blackberry.

That, if you don’t know, is highly frustrating. So I’ll post some smallish things, but until my computer is computing again, I won’t be able to go on my more detailed rants.

Much love (and Viva Wisconsin!)




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2 responses to “Admin Note

  1. My condolences, Cate. Just got my Toshiba back from the shop after 2 long weeks – The Hubby dropped it onto its power cord plug, causing it to overheat and shut down at the worst moments.

    Good luck in your next purchase. Blogging via Blackberry is difficult, indeed! Again, my deepest sympathies for your loss.

  2. Well Cate, sorry about your loss. I am still working on my autobiography, but it’s tough.
    Heading to Florida tomorrow for a month with my parents, and some baseball and vitamin D or is that E, you know the one with the sun.
    Take care and chat soon.